How do I remove replication?


This article explains how to remove the replication configuration from a source system.


If you only need to temporarily stop the Hot Backup Copy Replication process please review the article How do I temporarily suspend replication (How to suspend Hot Backup Copy)


To permanently remove the Host Backup partner to your Unitrends appliance:
1) Remove the related Backup Copy Job in Job > Job Manager.

2) Go to CONFIGURE > Appliance (select the appliance) > Backup Copy Target (tab below) and select the line item that displays the Target partner, then click Remove.



NOTE: This does not delete the data on the Target partner.

The information below is for older 9.x appliance using the Legacy /recoveryconsole/ console:

If you want to permanently stop a source appliance from replicating, you can remove the replication configuration for this appliance by accessing the source appliance and selecting Replication > System Management.  Removing the replication configuration also deletes the replicated backups from the target appliance.  For detailed instructions, see Removing replication in the Recovery-Series and UEB Administrator's Guide.

If you want to keep the replication configuration and temporarily suspend replication, select Replication > Replication Attributes, and then select Connection Options and Process Control. For more detailed instructions, see Suspending replication in the Recovery-Series and UEB Administrator's Guide.


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