Where do I change how much bandwidth is available for hot backup copy/replication?


This article provides information on how to change the bandwidth for hot backup copy or replication.


Perform the following steps to change the bandwidth for backup copy (hot):

  1. Log in to the source system.
  2. Navigate to Configure > Appliances > Backup Copy > Configure Bandwidth.
           See animated tutorial
  3. In the dialog that pops up, configure the following:
  • Connection Type – The connection’s theoretical physical bandwidth. If your specific connection is not in the list, pick the closest upstream bandwidth match.
  • Connection Effective Bandwidth – What you expect the actual bandwidth of the physical connection to be.
  • Click Add Schedule to choose a range of times and the throttle percentage to inform the Unitrends appliance the maximum amount of available bandwidth to use.

      4. Select Save to accept the changes.


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