How do I temporarily suspend replication (How to suspend Hot Backup Copy)


This article explains how to temporarily suspend replication.


You should temporarily suspend replication in the following instances:

  • When seeding the initial data set.  For details, see Seeding the initial data set.
  • When performing maintenance on your systems.
  • When your network will be offline.


Using the HTML5 Interface (/ui/)​
Log into the HTML5 Web Administrative Interface (https://ip_address/ui/)

  1. Click CONFIGURE.
  2. In the Appliances Page, then click the Unitrends Appliance that is the Source (collects backups from your Assets).
  3. Click the Edit button above.
  4. When the new dialogue page opens, click Backup Copy.
  5. Click the checkbox next to "Suspend backup copies from this appliance" (checked means suspend, unchecked means enabled).
  6. Click the Save button.

Please wait at least five minutes before for the request to be received and processed by the Target. 

Suspending replication pauses replication operations temporarily until you click Resume Replication. It does not remove the replication configuration. For instructions on suspending replication, see Suspending Replication in the Recovery-Series and Unitrends Enterprise Backup 9.0 Administrators Guide.  To remove the replication configuration, see Removing replication.

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