Replication failure ELIMIT: Number of registrations exceed maximum limit


Replication failure, ELIMIT: Number of registrations exceed maximum limit


Replication failures with the following symptoms.  When viewing the replication history report you see either of the following messages:

Failed: Unable to send blocks. This replication will now retry. Network: no error
Failed: Failed building on the target. This replication will now retry. Network: no error

On the target, the vaultServer logs in /usr/bp/logs.dir may be reporting that it could not register the storage manager key.  It may be bnecessary to increase the VaultServer log level in Settings > System Configuration and Licencing > General (Advanced) > debugging to log level 3 to see this error.   See below for the log excerpt. 
Apr 15 08:16:06 : [LOG4] Leaving function: smgr_register
Apr 15 08:16:06 : [LOG0] SIS.c:2400: Can't register storage manager key: ELIMIT: Number of registrations exceed maximum limit.
Apr 15 08:16:06 : [LOG0] vaultServer.c:647: failed to write to SIS, retry.
Apr 15 08:16:06 : [LOG4] Entering function: smgr_avail
  1. Use the replication target's web interface go to Settings->System Monitoring->Processes.
  2. Select the devmonitor process' row.
  3. Click Terminate Process.
  4. Then go to Settings->System Monitoring->Jobs.
  5. Check Advanced Options.
  6. Click Stop Tasker.  The buton label will toggle to say Start Tasker.
  7. Click Start Tasker.
  8. Go to Settings->System Monitoring->Processes and confirm that you see a devmonitor process again.
  9. If the log level for VaultServer on the target was increased, return it to log level 0 or 1 for optimal replication performance.
Note:  If the problem continues or reoccurs, contact Unitrends Support.  This issue was resolved under release 8.0.x, upgrading to the current release and restarting devmonitor should prevent this issue from reoccurring. 

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