Replication Phases


This article describes the four replication phases.



Each replication goes through several different phases before it is completed; the phases are Prepare, Replicate, Processing, Wait and Target Processing. The replication can also go through a phase of No Activity. You can view the progress of a replication on the Replication Dashboard and the phases are displayed in the Phase column.

  1. Prepare (1 of 4) – The system prepares the backup to be replicated.

  2. Replicate (2 of 4) – The backup data is being sent to the target as well as being verified.

  3. Processing (3 of 4) – During this phase, the system gathers and sends additional information about the backup to the target.

  4. Final Stages:

    1. Wait (4 of 4) – This phase only occurs on the replication source. The backup data has been successfully transferred to the target and it is now waiting for the target to process the replicated backup.

    2. Target Processing (4 of 4) – This phase only occurs on the replication target. Once the backup data is successfully sent over to target, the target needs to process the data and finalize the replicated backup.

No Activity – This phase occurs when there has been no activity for this replication for a period of time.


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