SQL Agent is using space in an unexpected location


This article explains why the SQL agent may be taking up a large amount of space in an unexpected location.


During a SQL Transaction Log backup, a large temporary file is created.  During a SQL database restore, the related C:\PCBP\Logs.dir\WBPS_* log file reference a path which does not exist on the system. The metadata captured during a SQL Transaction Log backup is the transaction metadata for the database.  If there are many changes to the database, this data may become sizable.The SQL databsae restore will attempt to put the metadata on the drive where it was backed up from, event if an alternate location was specified in the Unitrends appliance web interface.

To resolve this issue:

  1.  Add the following to the client-side C:\PCBP\MASTER.INI. 

[SQL Server]

The coded default values, before the section and variables are added are MetaDataDir is dynamic based on UseTempVolumeWithMaxSpace=true determining the best volume.  This is why on SQL Servers, you will occasionally see PCBP folders on volumes other than the default location of C:\PCBP.  To take control and force the metadata to go to a particular path, add the INI settings above, set MetaDataDir to an existing path on the Windows system, and set UseTempVolumeWithMaxSpace=false.  Now, you will see when a backup or restore is running that the metadata is stored in the specified path.

 Note: The MASTER.INI path may vary if you installed the agent to a different location.

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