Inventory Sync Alerts


How to resolve inventory sync alerts from Satori.


When trying to sync up the client info, HTML5 Web Administrative Interface my give an error message saying the following: 

Inventory full sync completed with 1 warning(s).
Date:08/19/2016 02:39 PM
Updated:08/24/2016 03:10 PM
Alert Source:Process



You can now get the reason for the Inventory Sync failure by clicking on the option to run the Inventory Sync:
Options (gear symbol on top right) > Inventory Sync.


Alternative options (greater details) are done via and SSH Command Line:

  1. SSH to the appropriate appliance. 
  2. cd /usr/bp/logs.dir
  3. grep -i "error\|fail" inventory_sync-* - this will find the inventory_sync log that corresponds to the error. 
  4. Review the output for the resulting errors and failures, and address them accordingly.
  5. Sometimes there could be other logs related to the error messages given.
For instance, there could be errors like raebpsql.c:  in the log.  This will relate to rae logs in logs.dir.  
  1. Keep following the logs until you find what is causing the problem.


You can run it as this (no need to change directory if used in this way):  egrep -i 'error|fail' /usr/bp/logs.dir/inventory_sync-*

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