Community dashboard Tile cannot register users in release 10.1.0


Customers on release 10.1 who have not already activated a community user in their dashboard tile are not able to do so at this time and receive an error


Customers attempting to add/create a user in the Dashboard Community Feed tile will receive a product error and be unable to activate this feature once 10.1.0 has been installed on the appliance.  Customers who prior added a user before upgrading to release 10.1 are not effected.  


Customers with active Unitrends Support agreements for UB or RS series systems may contact our phone support hotline to receive a patch for this issue.  (note, Chat support line engineers are not permitted to deploy patches, phone support is required for all patch activity, you will be redirected to a phone engineer if you engage our chat support on this issue).  This issue is already fixed in release 10.1.1 (which is available as a controlled release) and will be in GA release 10.2 for all customers.  There is no requirement for retail users to use or register the community tile, but we understand many of our customers enjoy this feature.  

Trial edition users who have already activated their 30 day trial license and been issued trial license keys are entitled to telephone support during their trial period.  To have a trial edition patched, please ensure it is properly registered and then contact phone support.  If you are experiencing registration issues they may also be able to assist with that process.  

For our free edition users, to avoid this problem, the current deployable image is 10.0.0-5.  Free edition users need to activate the community tile and complete storage deployment processes prior to upgrading to release 10.1, which would be done if the deployment guide processes are followed.  As the community edition is a different version of the product using a different installer and different feature sets, from retail UB editions, no patch is available at this time for community free edition users. Free users who upgraded to release 10.1 prior to activating this trial must either redeploy to 10.0-5 and complete the community registration to access the additional 500GB of capacity available, or, wait for a future release to resolve this issue. 

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