How do I silent install the Unitrends agent?


Steps to install the Unitrends agent in quiet mode without user interaction using msiexec


The core Unitrends agent for Windows needs to be installed without user input


Install the Unitrends agent using the command line installer

1. Ensure that your Unitrends appliance is on the latest update by following one of the KB articles below:
KB 4218 How do I update the appliance?
KB 2483 How to upgrade the appliance via Unitrends' media? (Air Gap / Offline updates)

2. Get the latest version of the Unitrends agent
  1. Navigate to the network share on the Unitrends appliance.  
    1. To do this, open a Windows Explorer and type in the IP address of the appliance, such as: \\
    2. Open the Windows Agent folder and locate the correct 32 or 64 bit version of the agent that you need. Note:This is preferable to downloading the agent from the website as you will use the same version of agent that corresponds to the version that is installed on the Unitrends appliance.  
    3. Copy the needed agent file down to the server you are installing it on. (This will save future headache when trying to uninstall)
  2. Go to the Unitrends Downloads page and download the needed version to the server.  Verify that you have the correct 32 or 64 bit version. 
3. Open an elevated command prompt.  For example, you could open CMD.exe as an administrator.

4.  Locate the directory where you placed the Unitrends agent and run the following command:
msiexec /quiet /i "C:\<directory>\Unitrends_Agentx64.msi"

5. If desired, return to the Unitrends appliance and navigate to Configure > Protected Assets, select the protected asset(s) where you installed the agent individually and click Edit, then without changing anything click Save.  This will update the agent version as displayed in the web GUI.


Microsoft's Command-Line Options document

Excerpt from the Administrator Guide "Installing the Windows agent"

The agent installer utilizes the msiexec command to manage the Windows agent from the command line. However, not all of the msiexec default parameters are supported with the installer. The following msiexec parameters are available:

/I - Installs and updates the software.

/f - Repairs the software.

/uninstall - Removes the software.

/quiet - Installs software in quiet mode with no user interaction.

/l* - Enables logging.

FORCE_BOOT - If set to True, restarts the Windows machine after installing the agent. If set to False, does not restart after installing the agent.

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