Newly imaged Recovery-Series system (or Reimage) - no backups complete, 1%, or out of space


Your have deployed a newly imaged Recovery Series system


► Connect to the Unitrends Web Administrative Interface (the HTML5 version at https://ipaddress/ui/).

If you imported the System State, you need to add the license first.

► Now, set the Instant Recovery storage allocation from zero percent to two percent, save it, then set it to 1%. 

  1. Click on CONFIGURE.
  2. Click the Appliances tab.
  3. Select the proper Unitrends appliance from the Appliances column.
  4. Click Edit > click License > click Add License Info and enter the Feature String, License Key, and if declared Expires date.
  5. Now, return to the Appliance Click the Storage tab below.
  6. Click Internal.
  7. Click Edit.
  8. In the Edit Storage dialog box, within the STORAGE ALLOCATION section is the Instant Recovery component. Change the value from 0% to 2%. Click Save.
  9. Now, go back and change the Instant Recovery to 1%. and Save.

VERIFICATION: You can verify this from the Command Line Interface by executing the command smgr_display. Before performing these steps, you will notice the logical FREE-SPACE is equal to 0. After you complete these steps you will see the amount of space usable for backups and other service work. If this is not the case, please contact Unitrends support.

If you restored the system state...

You need to add the license back to the Appliance first.

  1. Navigate to Configure > Appliances
  2. Select your appliance and click Edit
  3. Click on the License tab
  4. Click "Add License Info"
  5. Enter your License Key, Expiration Date (unless "none" is specified, in that case leave it blank), and Feature String, then click Save.



CAUSE: The Storage allocation has not been initialized yet. If you imported the System State, you must ensure the license has been added back before you continue.

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