How to upgrade the appliance via DVD or USB flash drive


Symptoms / Description

Need to upgrade appliance, but either FTP is blocked or the system is not able to connect to the internet.

Resolution / Workaround / Execution Process

The upgrade script will handle all procedures necessary to upgrade the system from one software release to the next. The procedures include; mounting the upgrade media, performing the upgrade, ejecting the upgrade media if applicable (e.g DVD media), and finally rebooting the system.
All Procedures must be performed from the command line.

The upgrade media cannot be used to image the Appliance.

The is now located in as
  • upgradeRelease.sh_6.1.1-2+
  • upgradeRelease.sh_pre6.1.1-2
  • upgradeRelease.sh_8.1
  • upgradeRelease.sh_9.1+
  1. If you are logged at the physical console, click CTRL-ALT-F1 to log in from the terminal. Login credentials are the same (root/unitrends1)
  2. Copy the script to a USB device.
  3. Insert the USB device into the DPU.
  4. Run: fdisk –l and note the device with FAT32 system (this is the USB device).
  5. Run: mount –t vfat /dev/ /mnt/source. (mounts the USB.)
  6. Type: cp /mnt/source/ /root (copies the upgrade script to /root folder.)
  7. Run: chmod +x /root/ (makes upgrade script executable.)
  8. Run: umount /mnt/source (unmounts USB device.)
  9. Remove the USB device.
  10. Insert the upgrade DVD.
  11. Type: /root/
New Procedure for upgradeRelease.sh_8.1 and higher:  (this procedure is used for any appliance currently running 8.1 or higher to upgrade to a later release and shoudl be used when upgrading units to release 9.1 or higher).  
upgradeRelease.sh_9.1+ [-dvd] [-samba] [-usb]
The option will dictate which update process the script will use. The following directions describe the expected format of the upgrade media.


 Expects a dvd disk to be created from the ISO download. This can be created using traditional dvd creation methods as documented previously.


Expects only one iso file to be placed in the root level of the samba share. The iso file will then be mounted to the cdrecorder1 directory and the upgrade process will occur in the same fashion as a DVD.


Expects the iso image to be "burned" to the usb device, this can be accomplished using a third party software like ImageUSB. Once the USB has been created successfully, the -usb flag will perform the auto detection of the USB and mount the USB device appropriately. The update operations will then be performed in the same fashion as the samba operation and the dvd operation.
Once the upgrade is complete, any mounted upgrade media will be unmounted from the system and a message regarding rebooting the system will appear. At this time the upgrade media can be removed from the system and a reboot operation can be performed.

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