How do I upgrade my system with remote management?


This article provides information on how to upgrade your system when it is or was managed by another system using remote management.


If your system is managed by another system you need to ensure that the manager system is upgraded before the managed system. If your system is no longer being managed by the manager system you can revoke system management, and then proceed to upgrading the system.

Examples of manager vs. managed systems;

  1. Multiple backup systems - You have set your system up where you log into 1 manager system to see all other (managed) systems in one interface.
  2. Replicating - The target system is the manager system, and the source is the managed system.
  3. Legacy vaulting - The off-premise vault system is the manager system, and the on-premise system is the managed system.
For further details on upgrading the system, see the Unitrends Recovery-Series and UEB Upgrade Guide and also To revoke the system management privilege in the Unitrends Administrator's Guide, if you need to revoke system management.

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