Cannot ssh into recovery appliance: ssh: error while loading shared libraries


Details about installing missing libraries for ssh





When you try to log into the Recovery appliance you get an error “ssh: error while loading shared libraries



ssh is missing needed libraries.



From the DCUI “Direct console user interface” do the following:

  1. Get command prompt by typing “ctrl-alt then F2”
  2. Log into the appliance
    1. root
  3. Use the yum command to install the missing libraries.
    1. yum reinstall *keyutils*
    2. yum reinstall *libfips*  #(if yum reinstall *libfips* finds no packages, then run yum install
    3. when prompted by yum enter “y” to install the packages.
  4. Start ssh “service sshd start”


At this point you should be able to ssh into the recovery appliance again.


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