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How to restore the master database with the legacy SQL agent


How to restore the master database with the legacy SQL agent



Directions for restoring the master database for SQL Server 2000 using Unitrends legacy SQL agent.

Applies To

Windows agent and SQL Server 2000


Need to restore master database.


  1. Go to SQL Enterprise Manager and stop the instance.
  2. Open Registry Editor to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSSQLServer\MSSQLServer\Parameters
  3. Rename SQLArg2 to SQLArg3.
  4. Rename SQLArg1 to SQLArg2.
  5. Rename SQLArg0 to SQLArg1.
  6. Create a new String value called SQLArg0 with a value of –m
  7. Use SQL Enterprise Manager to start the instance.
  8. Once the instance is started, close Enterprise Manager and any other SQL UIs.
  9. Used the Registry Editor to delete SQLArg0 and then revert the names of the other arguments to their prior names.
  10. Start the Unitrends Legacy SQL Server Agent to queue the restore of the master database and then immediately exit the agent UI.

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