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Solaris: File name too long



When performing a file-level backup with a Solaris platform, the limit for the length of the full path to an object is 1024 characters. 



Solaris platforms limit the length of the full path to an object to 1024 characters.  The Unitrends agent will be unable to backup objects that exceed this length limitation.



Core libraries on the host OS are unable to access objects with a full path longer than 1024 characters.  However, there are certain ways to inadvertently create an object with a longer path which will no longer be accessible by the host operating system.  This is commonly done by mounting external filesystems to a local directory which will yield a local path longer than 1024 characters.



Oracle recommends for paths that are too long that the user rename intermediate directories in the path to shorter names to reduce the length of the full path.  If the path is a NAS mount point you may consider excluding the path from the client backup and registering the NAS for backup directly.


See the Solaris Common Messages and Troubleshooting Guide for additional information.



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