[Animated Tutorial] How to Set Retention for a Protected Asset


Steps to set Minimum, Maximum, or Legal Hold retention settings for protected assets using animated GIFs


Follow this guide to set limits on how long backups are kept and when backups should be purged.

For detailed instructions on retention settings, see "Configurable features for protected assets" under the Protected assets section of the Administrator Guide.


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1) Navigate to Configure > Protected Assets

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2) Select a protected asset and click Edit

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3) On the new dialog click "Manage Retention"

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4) Set the Minimum retention (warn when less than) to the desired minimum days and set the Maximum retention (delete backups after) to a value at least 8 days greater than the Minimum retention to allow for a new full backup to be run or synthesized, then click Save on all dialogues.  Legal hold (keep backups for) should ideally be used only when required by compliance.

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