Unable to download the kickstart file


The error message "Unable to download the kickstart file" while attempting to image or reimage a Recovery Series appliance from USB media. Full error message: "Unable to download the kickstart file. Please modify the kickstart parameter below or press Cancel to proceed as an interactive installation."



During the imaging process, while booting from USB media, one the error messages below is displayed and the imaging process is halted.

"Unable to download the kickstart file"




The workaround is to manually point to the actual location of the USB imaging media so that the kickstart file can be properly downloaded.  Afterwhich, the imaging process will proceed as normal.  Following are the steps to resolve:

1) When receiving the message below

2) Edit the device name (sda1) so that it is the correct device name assigned to the USB image media, then select 'OK':

Recovery-602/603/604 = sdc1
Recovery-713S = sdf1
(In this example sda1 is changed to sdf1)

3) On the following screen, scroll down and select the appropriate device partition that matches the device name that was changed to in Step 2 and select OK:
Recovery-602/603/604 = sdc1
Recovery-608 = sda1
Recovery-713S = sdf1 (shown in the example)
4) Proceed with the imaging process, following the on-screen instructions.


During the imaging process and after the Recovery Appliance selection menu, there are rare instances where the USB imaging media will be loaded last, after the HDDs and SSD (713S only).  The imaging process expects the USB imaging media to be loaded first in the device list, and therefore throws and error stating that there was an error trying to download the kickstart file from the USB imaging media.

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