Processing Error: "cryptoDaemon is required but not running"


Processing Error: "cryptoDaemon is required but not running"


  • Re-enable encryption with the correct key
  • Turn off encryption for all clients that are set for encryption.


This message may present itself if:

  • Encryption is enabled, previous deduplicated backups are encrypted but encryption daemon is not currently running.
  • Replication is enabled where the source system is encrypted but the target system is either not configured for encryption or the encryption daemon is not running on the backup copy target system.
  • Disaster Recovery was attempted but the Encryption key was not reentered successfully.


See "encryption" in the Administrators Guide or “about Encryption” in the Legacy Administrators Guide for more information. If the appliance is using deduplication, redeployment of the appliance will be required if the encryption key cannot be successfully re-entered.

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