PSA: Configuring it to send tickets to a custom ConnectWise �Board�


PSA: Configuring it to send tickets to a custom ConnectWise �Board�



How to configure the PSA ConnectWise feature to sent tickets to a custom ‘Board’


The default ConnectWise Board is set to ‘Professional Services’, but this can be overridden by using the /usr/bp/bpinit/master.ini configuration file.  This can also be used to configure the default Status for a created ticket (default=’N’ for New). 

Note: This requires using command-line access.


1)   To change to using a Board named ‘MyBoard’, edit the file /usr/bp/bpinit/master.ini, and
find the [PSA] section.

2) In the [PSA] section, you can see comments about the Board and Status fields:
  ;Board=Professional Services        ; Clients can store the tickets in different boards to manage who a ticket gets assigned to

  ;Status=N                           ; Status of a ticket that is created

3)      So add a line to the PSA section with the parameter you wish to change, for instance:
and save the file.

4)       Subsequent PSA events will use the new parameter.


How to edit master.ini with “vi” in step 3 above

1)      Type  ssh –l root <IP address of system>

then give it the appropriate root password.

2)      Type “vi /usr/bp/bpinit/master.ini” and press Enter.

3)      Type “/^.PSA” and press Enter.

4)      Type “o”, then “  Board=MyBoard” where MyBoard represents the custom Board.

5)      Press the Esc key to finish that line.

6)      Type “:wq” to write and quit the edit session

If you make a mistake, you can type “:q!” at any time and start over. 

If you don’t feel comfortable with “vi” or the command-line access please contact Unitrends Support for help. 

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