Remove resolved alerts


How to remove Alerts which have been resolved


Alerts which have already been resolved are showing as unresolved in the UI, or you are looking for a way to eliminate alerts you have already addressed or chosen to ignore.  


The following will set all alerts to closed and create new alerts for any current conditions:

  1. In the new UI, select the "!" icon in the triangle at the top-right.  This will open the alerts panel.  
  2. Review the list of alerts.  You may either:
    1. Select individual alerts and then select the "dismiss" button to mark the alerts as resolved which will remote them from the list
    2. Select the trash can icon at the top oif the list to dismiss all alerts as a batch operation. 
Note, some alerts, like the requirement to update the appliance to a newer release, or clients that are above or below specified retention goals, can be initially dismissed but the alert will return daily if the underlying condition is not resolved.  

If you do not have access to the new UI, please contact Unitrends Support to migrate your appliance to CentOS 6.  The official deadline to do this was communicated as Aug 31, 2017, and has passed as of the latest update of this article, but support can provide process or instructions to get you the ability to update.   

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