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Register license after redeploy of a UB


Steps to register your license after redeploying a UEB.


When you deploy a replacement unitrends apliance, a licnese key is typically required to be activated.  

This KB primarily applies only to PAID license versions.    
For Free Edition platforms, simply download a completely new unit by completing the online form on the free edition support site. 

Note: the UB trial edition is NOT the same as the free edition.  If you are intending to redeploy a free edition unit, you must download the correct free edition image noted above.  To redeploy a paid license edition UB, instead use this link: 


Licensed Editions:

When deploying a replacement licensed edition of a Unitrends appliance, you will require your SRN number.  Deploy the new unit following the deployment guide for your hypervisor, and either deploy as a completely new unit, or optionally follow stateless UB recovery steps.  Then simply activate your new deployed unit using the same SRM code prior used and you will be sent a replacement license token to install within 24 hours.  A customer may deploy as many UBs as are required to protect their total licensed content from a single SRN code and you are not limited only to a single active unit.  

This SRN number is sent to the individual who initially deployed the unit within your organization by email.  If you do not have a copy of this code, please contact our support team.  This is most quickly done using chat support, but you may contact by phone as well at any time during your support hours (24/7 for our platinum customers).  

When contacting support, please have your company information, and if possible the asset tag of the UB that you are redeploying.  Providing this information will make looking up the proper license codes quicker.

Free Edition UB:

Simply download a new UB from the FREE site, note the link above.  Free edition units do not require activation.  You are limited to one active free edition deployment per company at a time, but should you need to replace that deployment with a new one, doing so requires no additional steps.  You cannot use a trail edition in place of a free edition appliance, you must specifically deploy the free edition OVF to utilize free edition licensing.  No activation is required for free editions.  

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