Exchange logs not truncating on VMware backups


Exchange logs not truncating on VMware backups



Configure application aware backups.


Application-aware backups will truncate Microsoft Exchange logs during a full VMware backup if credentials are set for the VM.


If credentials are not set, or if credentials are incorrect, the VM will still be backed up but logs will not be truncated. You can check to see if application aware succeeded by clicking on View Log in Jobs > Recent Jobs or in the Backups report and looking for the line in the raw output reading “appaware YES” meaning appaware was successful and your Exchange logs were truncated, “appaware NO” meaning credentials are not set, or “Failed to connect to host for guest VSS operations” meaning credentials are incorrect.


To configure credentials for VMs navigate to Configure > Protected Assets and select the VM from the expanded list for its host/vCenter and click Edit from above. Enter your credentials under "Manage Credentials" and select the Application‐aware radial button. For more information, see these sections in the Unitrends Administrator's Guide: Managing virtual hosts and Managing asset credentials.




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