How to Fix a Failed iTivity Installation on an Appliance


In some cases the iTivity agent fails to install properly on an appliance. This results in a sederror being displayed during installation and the iAgent failing to startup correctly. You will also know this happened when the support tunnel requests a 5 digit support tunnel.  

In cases such, the following steps can be taken to remedy this failure. 




  1. From an SSH session on the appliance, download and run the iTivity_reload script:
    wget -q -O iTivity_reload; chmod +x iTivity_reload; ./iTivity_reload
  2. Wait for the script to finish running.
    1. NOTE: If the script doesn't finish running, there may be port problems within the network environment. See the article What ports does Unitrends need open in my firewall for more information on how to fix this.  
  3. Once complete, issue a dpu support command to confirm the agent is now installed and running.
  4. If you get an error for:
    1. a missing file or directory error, execute these sets of commands: 
      mkdir /etc/iTivity;sudo groupadd iadmauth;usermod -a -G iadmauth root;./iTivity_reload;dpu support
    2. related to sed, execute the following: 
      [ -f /etc/iTivity/iAgent.conf ] && /usr/lib/iTivity/iAgent/stop_iagent >/dev/null 2>&1 ; [ -f /etc/iTivity/iAgent.conf ] && sed -i 's/iagent\.computer/\$asset/' /etc/iTivity/iAgent.conf ; [ -f /etc/iTivity/iAgent.conf ] && sed -i 's/iAgent_System/\$asset/' /etc/iTivity/iAgent.conf ; dpu support
  5. You should now see the Starting Tunnel Agent message.  


Most common causes are networking issues such as missing Firewall rules to allow bidirectional communications or incomplete downloads.

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