SharePoint Backup Failure The UNC path should be of the form


SharePoint Backup Failure The UNC path should be of the form


A user may see the following message in backup summary information when reviewing a Sharepoint Backup Failure.  

----- Client Messages -----
The UNC path should be of the form \\server\share.
----- End Client Messages -----


Connect to the appliance using SSH with a tool like PuTTY
Log in using the OS Root user and password

type the following command:

cat /etc/hosts

Ensure within the output that there is an entry for the Unitrends appliance itself, and ensure there isn't a type-o in the appliance name or IP, and that both short name and FQDN for the appliance are registered.  

If this is not correct, type the following command to edit the hosts file.  
vi /etc/hosts
Use the arrow keys to navigate the cursor.  
Press i to enter insert mode and perform necessary edits.  
Press <esc> to exit insert mode if you need to move the cursor again
When edits are complete, and you are NOT in insert mode, type :wq  to quit and save the file.  
If you make a mistake and want to start over, press <esc> to exit insert mode then type :q! instead.  

Ensure all servers in your sharepoint farm can reach the Unitrends Appliance Samba Share.  A Temporary share will be presented on the appliance using SMBv1 (CIFS) at the primary IP of the Unitrends Appliance, ensuring your endpoints can reach the Samba share will also ensure they can reach this temporary share when needed.  Sharepoint backups require SMBv1 support due to Microsoft limitations within SharePoint itself, and all servers, including potential web front ends deployed in DMZ segments must be able to access this path.  


In order to inform Sharepoint of the proper share name to connect to in order to export SharePoint backup information a proper UNC path must be able to be established.  This relies on the Unitrends Appliance Host file being accurate.  


For more information about using the vi or vim text editor in Linux, here's a great reference sheet:  

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