Processing Error: "No Master Key Set"




The error Processing Error: "No Master Key Set” is found in fileDedup, recipe, backup, or archive logs.

Possible Causes

  • Encryption is not be enabled
  • The current encryption key is not valid for the data that was protected


  1. Confirm encryption is enabled in the UI
    • In the HTML5 UI (v9.0 and newer) this is found under Configure (page) > Appliances (tab). Select your appliance and select “Edit” then go to the Advanced tab. You must click on the checkbox next to Enable Encryption, then enter the same passphrase previously used.

  2. If encryption is enabled but this error continues, the key may have been reset improperly or not imported after disaster recovery from CD/USB backup.
    • If Deduplication is enabled on a unit and an encryption key has been lost or not imported, the unit must be redeployed. If deduplication was not in use, it is possible to disable encryption and remove encryption from all clients, but prior encrypted backups and archives will be unrecoverable. To re-enable encryption redeployment will be necessary.

Additional Details

Ensure Key backups are taken anytime the key is changed.

To back up your encryption keys, use the following process:
Legacy UI: Settings > System monitoring > Encryption to make a DVD or USB copy of your key (platform dependent option). The encryption backup is encrypted with the current key for security and contains a history of all other keys used on the unit over time which will be critical for archive recovery and long-term use of deduplication.

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