Configure Ethernet Settings on a Unitrends Backup Appliance


How to Configure Ethernet Settings on a Unitrends Backup Appliance


Configure network settings through the web interface on a Unitrends appliance.


To configure the appliance's IP address, subnet mask, and/or gateway:

Select Configure > Appliance, Network > select NIC and "Edit"- If the appliance contains only one network card, only one network card option will be displayed.  If the appliance contains multiple network card, a networkd setting option for each NIC will be available.  Click on the eth0 icon (primary) and the information for that network card will display on the lower portion of the window.

Enter the desired IP, Netmask and Gateway addresses.

> Show Advanced Settings

Start Adapter on Boot - This option should be enabled for the primary NIC (usually eth0) and is optional for any additional cards present.

estore Settings if not stopped within X minutes - The appliance provides a facility to automatically revert the appliance to its original IP address after a specified time period has elapsed.  This can be useful if the appliance becomes unreachable because incorrect network settings were entered.  To use this option, select the check box beside and fill in the estimated time needed to connect to the appliance after changing its network configuration.  If this option is enabled, the appliance will change to it new address immediately and wait for a connection to be made at the new address.  If a connection to the RRC is not made within the specified time period, all new changes will be discarded and the original settings will be applied to the appliance.

Note: If this option is enabled, save the changes and perform the following:

  • Log into the appliance using the new address information
  • Navigate to this window, selecting the appropriate network card
  • Click on the Stop Restore of Previous Settings button

If this option is not enabled, the UI will simply apply the new settings.

Repeat these steps as needed for additional network cards.

Note: Log back in using the new IP address of eth0 to continue configuration.

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