UEB Resource Based License: Too Many Sockets


UEB Resource Based License Too Many Sockets



License restrictions on UEB resource based license: Too many sockets being used by UEB.



When using resource based licensing the account used to connect to the VMware environment counts all sockets of any server it can see.


The system looks at the VMware Vcenter to get all clients attached. If the VM moves from one host to another we can still back it up. If the account can see more than the allotted sockets the license will be in a failed state.



Upgrade to UEB version 8.2 or later. This issue was resolved in UEB version 8.2.

Prior to 8.2, when setting up VMware backups for Unitrends, create a new administrator user account on VMware which only can see the hosts which are required for the backups. This will be used to authenticate from the Unitrends system to VMware. As an example, you have one Vcenter and 5 clusters to break up where VMs are located. Create an account which has rights to one of the clusters and does not have rights to the others. This way Unitrends will only see one cluster instead of 5.

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