Recovery-602/603/604/713S locking up


Recovery-602/603/604/713S experiences lockups due to AMD APU turbo mode causing high temperatures


The Recovery-602/603/604/713S appliances which all use an AMD APU has been seen to lock-up due to AMD's turbo mode for their APU.  This setting was not intended for use with the RecoveryOS and should have been disabled at manufacturing. Unitrends has addressed this issue, but some systems may still contain this setting, which can easily be changed in the field.

Applies To:

  • Recovery-602
  • Recovery-603
  • Recovery-604
  • Recovery-713S


Turn off turbo mode for the AMD APU in the BIOS settings by following the steps below:
    1.  Boot to BIOS:

Press <Delete> repeatedly during POST​

At the password prompt, enter the "backup". Note, passwords are case sensitive.

    2.  Navigate to the Advanced tab JumperFree Configuration menu
User-added image
    3.  Set AMD Turbo CORE technology to [Disabled]
User-added image
    4.  Press <ESC> to move back one menu
    5.  Navigate to Exit tab
    6.  Highlight Exit & Save Changes and hit <Enter>
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