How do I disable auto login?


How do I disable the automatic login to the Unitrends Rapid Recovery Console?



This article discusses how to disable the “auto-login” feature.


If you do not change the system-provided default root user password, the User Interface will automatically log you in when you load it in your browser.  If you change your password, you will not automatically be logged in.  If you log out of the UI but maintain your browser session, you will not automatically be logged in again until you close and re-open your browser.

Click here to change your root UI password

For more details, see About root password configuration in the Unitrends Administrator's Guide.


*** Caution:  For advanced users only. ***

*** May cause un-repairable damage! ***

Alternatively, the default password can be kept with the auto-login feature disabled.  This can be done by changing the a file on the Unitrends system from which you are loading the UI.  Please be careful when making a change to any file on the server and follow these instructions; if this file is syntactically invalid you will not be able to load the UI.  In this example, we’ll save a copy of the file we’re modifying, index.php to a saved copy as a precaution.

cd /var/www/html/recoveryconsole

cp index.php

sed s/autologin=yes/autologin=no/ > index.php

Once this change is made and you close and re-open the browser and re-load the UI, you will no longer be automatically logged in.

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