Active jobs showing status "freeing additional space" or "insufficient disk space available"


Jobs not making progress due to the appliance being out of space.


The following message is displayed: freeing additional space

For more information on "Out of Space" conditions see Error: No more space on device


To get the most retention possible on a system the D2D device stays close to capacity. This poses an interesting situation when it comes to making room for new backups.  We don’t want to purge too much data as this would impact retention negatively but if we wait until the storage is needed the backup could timeout waiting for the purger to free up additional space.

  1. The purger can be modified by changing storage settings in the RRC and this can be accomplished by going to Configure -> Storage and selecting one of three different options.
    1. Maximize backup performance
This option purges more data ahead of time so there is the least chance of backups having to wait for space on disk.
  1. Optimize Backup Performance and Retention
This option is the best balance for keeping retention and having a lesser chance for backups to have to wait for space on disk to become available.
  1. Maximize Backup Retention
This option purges no data ahead of time and there is a very likely chance of backups needing to wait for space on disk.
  1. Verify or update to the latest system and agent version.  For more information on updating the system or agent software, see
  2. If multiple systems are present, look for an imbalance where one system is protecting more data than the other.  There may be an opportunity to move data to the less burdened system to improve retention/protection on the clients protected by the more heavily burdened system.
  3. Review the configuration and latest backups to identify the following possibilities.

    1. Are any clients showing data change rates larger than 5%? 
    2. Review the backups report for the last 7 days.
    3. If any differential or incremental backups are more than 5% of the master, you can search for large files which are changing daily contributing to large change rates (this may be a SQL maintenance plan store on disk and being captured in the differential/incremental backup, a VM file, Outlook .ost/.pst)
To review differential/incremental backups with large data change rates, select the client under the navigate pane, then select the yellow box labeled as “Show Search Options” shown above the calendar in the main window.  You can search by excluding small files and therefore only showing large files.  Sort by size and look for large files changing daily.
Search for large files      
In this example, the .pst files may be non-critical data that could be excluded.  The data to be protected is determined by the company's guidelines, legal regulations or preference.


This message occurs when when a D2D device becoming full and requires additional space for the incoming backups to be written to disk.

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