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This article describes the location of the authoritative external version of the Unitrends RESTful API



Customers may wish to automate Unitrends jobs, reporting, or may wish to even build their own custom UI on an external system leveraging data stored in the Unitrends appliance.  


Documentation on the RESTful API for the Recovery Series and UB products can be found on a github repository at https://github.com/Unitrends/unitrends-api-doc.
These community scripts are “as is” & are not officially supported by Unitrends.

Examples of how to use the API can be found in the Unitrends Powershell Cmdlet community repository at https://github.com/unitrends/unitrends-pstoolkit 

Some of the best ways to contribute are to try things out, file bugs in github, and join in gitter conversations. You are encouraged to start a discussion by filing an issue.:

  1. Open an Issue case:
  • unitrends-pstoolkit: https://github.com/Unitrends/unitrends-pstoolkit/issues
  • unitrends-scripts: https://github.com/Unitrends/unitrends-scripts/issues
  • unitrends-api-doc: https://github.com/Unitrends/unitrends-api-doc/issues
  1. You can chat with other members of the Unitrends Github community:

Note that Unitrends internal Support staff, Unitrends chat engineers available at helpdesk.kaseya.com, and the general Unitrends community users forums available at community.connectit.com do not provide support for the Unitrends Restful APIs.  Any questions directed to these systems will asked to be redirected to the github community.  

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