Change the BIOS boot sequence to USB


How to update the boot sequence to USB or other supported media.


Need to boot the Unitrends appliance from a USB device.


Connect a bootable USB device to the Unitrends appliance while it is running. Be sure to use the black USB 2.0 port and not the blue USB 3 ports that exist on some appliances. The USB device must be present before booting into BIOS.

  1. Boot into the recovery BIOS by pressing the "DEL" (Depending on motherboard model may be ESC, F1, F2 or F12 instead) key immediately when the silicon image screen appears.

  2. At the password prompt, enter the "backup". Note, passwords are case sensitive.

  3. The BIOS setup menu will be displayed where the boot order may now be updated.

  4. Move to the “Boot” section in BIOS

  5. Select “Hard Disk Drives” (For 833 systems, see NOTE below)

  6. Verify the attached USB device is listed as one of the drives.

  7. Make the USB device the “1st Drive”

  8. Press <ESC> to back out one menu.

  9. Select “Boot Device Priority”

  10. Verify the USB device is listed as one of the boot devices.

  11. Move the USB device to be “1st Boot Device”.

  12. Move to the “Exit” section in BIOS

  13. Select “Save Changes and Exit”

  14. The appliance will reboot and boot from the attached USB device.

Note, the appliance will continue to boot from the attached USB device upon subsequent reboots. To prevent this, it is recommended to remove the attached USB device when maintenance is completed. The appliance will revert to the 2nd boot device when no bootable USB media is detected.


For some generations of appliances, the re-image media and diagnostic tests are contained on a USB drive.  There are also instances where a USB DVD device may be necessary, such as in OS migration efforts.


For 833 systems, the Hard Disk Drives section may not list USB devices. Instead, go to Boot Priority and select USB.

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