How do I configure email notifications?



Unitrends appliances have various means of conveying additional information about the system via a push mechanism. Push mechanism means the user does not have to log into the user interface (RRC) to retrieve the information, the information is pushed to the user.  The technologies used to push information to the user from the Unitrends appliance are:

  • SMTP (Email)
  • SNMP traps
  • Email setup

Navigate to Configure > Appliances (select your appliance) > Edit > Email.  

Enter the fully qualified SMTP server name or IP address in the STMP Server field. If a DNS record has not been configured for the appliance, use the IP address of the SMTP server.

Enter a valid email address after pressing the Send a Test Email button. The test email will confirm that the SMTP settings have been administered correctly.  Firewall and spam filters can delay and/or prevent delivery. See your company network administrator regarding these issues.

Unitrends appliances can route email notifications to externally hosted SMTP servers that require authentication. To configure the email setup for authentication, click on the box Server Requires Credentials. Fill the user credentials of Username and Password.

Click Confirm to save the changes.

For Office365 environments, please reference article titled "How to Send Mail Notifications to Office365"

Email Report Recipients

After ensuring that the mail server settings are working properly, setup the email recipients that will receive the various reports and notices generated by the appliance.  Enter the email addresses for each recipient in Recipients to designate email addresses for email reports.

Check the System, Jobs, and Failure boxes for the email address where emails for system reports, job status, and failures should be sent.

Click Confirm to save the changes.


To enter multiple recipients, enter an additional email address into the Recipient field.

SNMP trap notifications

The appliance can be configured to send system and application specific alerts to a Network Management server using the SNMP protocol. This provides network administrators with the ability to quickly respond to hardware or software conditions that require action.  Unitrends is not currently offering an SNMP agent or a MIB to manage the appliance using the SNMP protocol. Alerts will be delivered as incoming trap messages to a network management application. The user interface will remain the primary interface for managing a Unitrends appliance.

Navigate to Configure > Appliances (select your appliance) > Edit > Advanced > SNMP

In the Agent Configuration area, click Download MIB and install it in your RMM environment.  The file is also available at http://<Unitrends appliance IP>/snmp/

In the Trap Destinations area, click Add.

Enter the Destination address and Community, check Enabled, and click Save.  Click Test to send a test trap to all destinations.

For more information, please see these topics in the Unitrends Administrator's Guide: Appliance Settings.

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