Endpoint security threat detected when installing the Unitrends Client Agent (False Positive as Malware)


Security software may detect the Unitrends solution such as the Client Agent as a potential threat (Malware)


Please contact Unitrends Technical Support and provide all relevant information regarding the security Vendor and the product which presented the alert.

This will allow us to follow standard protocol to submit samples to the vendor and request our solution be whitelisted.

Please ensure you have properly set up your environment to allow for proper protection of your systems

  • Please exclude the C:\PCBP directory from scans.
  • Depending on your security solution, you may also need to exclude the executables in the C:\PCBP directory such as WBPS.exe and bpnetd.exe to allow them to operate normally.
  • Disable scans during backup operations if you find backups are extremely slow or are interrupted. You may find that disable the On-Access scanner may be a sufficient solution.


False positive due to our software’s capabilities and requirements to protect and restore data (a very high privilege offered to few)


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