How do I set up a Unitrends NAS Device?


This article provides the necessary information to set up your Unitrends NAS Device.


Configuring the Unitrends NAS onto the Network


When you receive the NAS device from Unitrends, complete these steps to configure it onto the network:

  1. Connect the NAS device to the network using a 1GbE Ethernet cable. Use the port on the left, labeled EM0.
  2. Connect the NAS device to a direct attached mouse, keyboard, and monitor, or have access to these devices via a KVM switch.
  3. Power on the NAS.
    • If DHCP is available in your environment, the NAS automatically connects to the DHCP server and receives an IP address, which displays on the console. Note this IP and proceed to Step 17 below.
    • If DHCP is not available, continue with this procedure to manually assign an IP, netmask, and gateway using the NAS Console Menu. Text you enter is given in courier bold type. System prompts and output are given in courier regular type.
  4. Type 1 at the Enter an option from 1-11: prompt. A list of network interfaces display.
  5. Enter a number to select a network interface. For example:
    Select an interface (q to quit): 1
  6. Enter n to retain the existing configuration:
    Delete interface? (y/n): n
    Reset network configuration? (y/n): n
  7. Enter n to manually set the IP address:
    Configure interface for DHCP? (y/n): n
  8. Enter y to configure IPv4:
    Configure IPv4? (y/n): y
  9. At the Interface name: prompt, press Enter to leave this setting blank.
  10. Enter the desired IP address. For example, to enter IP
    IPv4 Address:
  11. Enter the desired netmask. For example, to enter
    IPv4 Netmask:
    Saving interface configuration: ok
  12. Enter n to skip IPv6 configuration:
    Configure IPv6? (y/n) n
    Restarting network: ok
    You may try the following URLs to access the web user interface:
  13. To configure the default route (gateway), type 4 at the Enter an option from 1-11: prompt.
  14. Enter y to continue:
    Configure IPv4 Default Route? (y/n): y
  15. Enter the gateway address: IPv4 Default Route:
    IPv4 Default Route:
    Saving IPv4 gateway: Ok
  16. Enter n to skip IPv6 configuration:
    Configure IPv6? (y/n) n
    Restarting network: ok
  17. The NAS device is configured onto the network. Proceed to one of the following procedures to mount the share and add data:

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