How to use bputil to change a client's master.ini


How to use bputil to change a client's master.ini


How can I view or edit a Protected Asset's (Client's) master.ini settings remotely?



You can use the bputil command from a Unitrends appliance to view or edit settings in a client's master.ini. Below are some examples and usage.

Execution Syntax and Legend

For more information, see the Cause section below.
   /usr/bp/bin/bputil -g -c clientA Section Field String master_ini

clientA: Replace clientA with the name of the Protected Asset as listed in the Unitrends Protected Asset page.
Section: Replace Section with the name of the section in the master.ini file. A section is enclosed in square brackets [  ] .
Field: Replace Field with the name of the field that you need to replace. The Field is to the left of the = sign.
String: Replace String with the value that you wish to change. The String is to the right of the = sign.


The example below assumes the Protected Asset is named filesrv01.

Reading Data (get)

To read the value for the data= field (related to the data transport port)

  • The -g tells the bputil to "get" the data for us
  • The -c designates to Protected Asset which is named filesrv01
  • Section is BProfessional and is encapsulated in single quotes
  • Field is data
  • String 0 is used as a spacer so that it will send us the actual value
  • The output (in this case, 1744) is returned on the next line.
[root@UBme ~]# /usr/bp/bin/bputil -g -c filesrv01 'BProfessional' data 0 master_ini

Other Reading Data (get) examples:

Field wbps
/usr/bp/bin/bputil -g -c filesrv01 debugging wbps -1 master_ini

         Returns “0” when log level is set to 0.

Fields USnapEnable
/usr/bp/bin/bputil -g -c filesrv01 usnap USnapEnable -1 master_ini
         Returns “True” when client is set to use snapshots.

Editing Data (put)

  • The -p tells the bputil to "put" data into the file. This will either modify the current field or add it.
  • In the example below, are are changing the data port to 1745
[root@UB107 ~]# /usr/bp/bin/bputil -p -c filesrv01 'Configuration Options' data 1745 master_ini
NOTE: No output will be displayed. You will need to use the 'get' option to verify the change is accurate.

Other Editing Data (put) examples:

# Increase the log level for wbps

/usr/bp/bin/bputil -p -c filesrv01 debugging wbps 3 master_ini

# Disable the client’s usage of snapshots.

/usr/bp/bin/bputil -p -c filesrv01 usnap USnapEnable False master_ini


Usage: bputil <-gporfnticsXi> <args...>
Usage: bputil <-bldjsePVFDATOCLamkquHGEHRKzSPACE> <args...>
args for:
-b (Change Backup record)
-g (getstring):
   [-b] [-c <ClientName>] <Section|"NULL"> <Label|"NULL"> <Default> <ini_file>
-p (putstring):
   [-b] [-c <ClientName>] <Section> <Label> <String> <ini_file>
-o (copy section):
   <From Section> <To Section> <ini_file>
-r (remove section):
   <Section> <ini_file>
-f (copy section file -> file):
   <Section> <From ini_file> <To ini_file>
-n (get proper hostname):
   [-l] [hostname]
-t (get node info):
-s (file checksum):
-d (device update):
   <dev_name> SLOT_INFO <slot #>
              RESERVE pid comment
              FREE pid
              MUX_MAXCNT <number>
              PURGE < space required (Megabytes) >
-j (job comment update), -p is optional & follows comment:
   <job_no> <comment>
   <job_no> <comment> -p <percent_done>
-js (Update job status) <job_no><STATUS ....>
-zSPACE <device name> Calculate Space Reserve Index for the device
-e (print Env. space [-c] Conditional format)
-O Open raw check only
-T Remove last backup on tape <tape no>
-C Check DbHostname <name>
-L Get local host name as in DB
-a Re-label all tapes in DB only | <specific_tape_no> <Tape label text>
-m Move Client last_restore field
-R [nodeno] Reset Clients last backups
-HB How many backups are there to be purged w/ reorgdb PurgeLogicallyDeletedBackups
-HF How many Filesets are there to be purged w/ reorgdb PurgeFilesetsUnref
-q <#device number to hold/unhold>
-G <-i ignore case> string filenames[]
-J <nick-name> Print environment for juke device nick-name
-E <nick-name> Print environment for device nick-name
-N <client number> to delete from Database
-yL Convert the lcs_client record to the new key format.
-W <backup_no> Resets the sync_needed flag for the backup.
-w <hostname:remotefile> <localfile> Copy file from client to server

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