Rack Installation Instructions for Generation 9 Appliances


The attached Rail Kit guides are made available for those that may have misplaced the printed installation instructions that come with Gen 9 rail kits.  Note, instructions for some rail kits are printed on the inner lid of the box the rails come within.  

The attached guide applies to the following Unitrends appliances:

Gen 9 Half Rack Static Rail Install Guide:

R9002 - R9012

Gen 9 1U Sliding Rail Installation Guide:

R9016S - R9024S

Gen 9 2U Sliding Rail Installation Guide:

R9032S - R9120S


For Information about alternate rail kits available for 1U and 2U Generation 9 systems, where the included rails for these units may not be compatible with your rack, please see our KB Are Universal rails provided with rack mount appliances?


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