Linux Oracle not detecting any databases, dependency is installed


Linux or Solaris agent and Oracle dependency agent are both installed on a server with a supported version of Oracle.  The appliance UI does not indicate any databases are found on the oracle server.  


Either an Oracle Home is not defined for the database, more than 1 home is defined for the database where it must only have a single home, or the database is a RAC configuration that is unsupported by this agent.  


On the Linux box you should be able to run:

cat /etc/oratab

This will give you a list of databases deployed on the current system. It will be a : separated list of sid:home:boot.  Ensure each Oracle instance one home has been defined.  

After a home is defined, perform an inventory sync from the Unitrends UI of the oracle server and the databases should now be visible.  


This is also a good time to verify user/group permissions that will be required.  
For each unique home path you should run the following:

export ORACLE_HOME=home

This will give you the oradba system group used to manage the Oracle Instance

Using this group run:

lid -g <group>

That command should give you a list of users that could be used as system level oracle dbas for that unique home.   Ensure you use a user of this group as your oracle credential or add/change user permissions as necessary in Linux so that a valid account credential can be provided to Unitrends.


The Oracle backup needs to have a user that is known by the Linux OS and the Oracle DBand each Oracle Instance requires a defined home path.. 

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