How to export your schedule information to CSV file | Can I import the schedule from the old Unitrends system (started taking backups before version 8.1)?


Q1: Can I import the schedule from the old system (example, 712, 823 etc) that started taking backups using RecoveryOS 8.1 or older to the new Unitrends system that has Inline Deduplication?
Q2: Can I export the schedule of my backups so I can us the data to create new jobs (schedules) using the new HTML5 interface?


ANSWER No, you should consider to manually create the schedules in the new HTML5 user interface.
CAUSE: If you are relying on your new system to utilize the new functionality of Inline Deduplication to meet or exceed your retention strategy, then you should not importing legacy data from a standard deduplication system into a system that uses Inline Deduplication.

RESOLUTION 1: Configure the new system manually using a side-by-side view (ensure the old system has a different IP address and the schedules are disabled)
RESOLUTION 2: You can export the Policies report to a CSV file which will have the schedule information for your backups (you will still need to locate the Include/Exclude information, manually). This is done from the Legacy Administrative Interface.
 1) Click on the name of the Recovery system, then click on Reports, then click on Policy:
User-added image

 2) You will not be able to see all your data in the Flash Interface. You must export the data. Choose the Export to CSV icon Export to CSV icon (had a down arrow pointing to an inbox) on the bottom right of the page.
 3) Once you have exported, use a CSV editor such as Microsoft Excel, the remove the columns you do not need.
 4) For the Schedule Frequency, choose the option to "Wrap Text" User-added image.

RESULTS of Wrapped Text:
User-added image

SAMPLE REPORT (as seen in Excel 201x with Wrapped Text)
User-added image


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