How to Exclude System State Metadata


File-level backups are failing with the "CRITICAL VOLUME EXCLUDED FROM BACKUP: C:/" error


An error message like the one below when a file backup job is only running an inclusion or an exclusion.  In order to fix this, we need to exclude the system metadata in the backup job where critical volumes are not selected.

----- Error Messages ----- 
System environment meta-data file was excluded from backup because not all critical volumes are included.
Windows Instant Recovery is not possible for this backup.
----- End Error Messages ----- 



  1. Log in to the Unitrends user interface.  
  2. Navigate to Jobs, then the Job Manager tab.  
  3. Choose the client that needs to have the schedule changed, then press Edit. 
  4. Choose the client needed in the drop down list, then under Job Inventory Settings, click Edit.  
  5. Click the Advanced tab and check the Exclude System State check box, then press Save. 
  6. Now press Save on the Backup Job screen.  
  7. Re-run the backup job to verify that the warning message is no longer received.

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