VSS SQL backup fails


This article addresses VSS SQL backup failures.


You receive an error �Unable to perform the scheduled backup: Please verify that the SQL Server instance 'X' is running and database 'Y' is online and has not been excluded from the SQL Server VSS Writer.�



    The tempdb database cannot be backed up. Selecting this database for backup will always result in failure, and it should be de-selected from the schedule. In versions other than v5.1.0 of the DPU software, the tempdb is not selectable for backup.

    Deleted or renamed databases can be resolved by:

    • Viewing the schedule which ran the backup, and reviewing to see if that database appears with (unavailable) next to its name.

    If this cannot be seen:

    • Confirm that the DPU software is at least version 5.1


    When performing a VSS based SQL database backup, this error message usually indicates one of the following:

    • The database 'Y' is called tempdb (Affects v5.1.0)
    • The database named 'Y' has been deleted or taken offline
    • The database named 'Y' has been renamed


    For more detailed information on backup failures and performance issues see Unitrends KB 5062 - Backup Failures and Performance Issues

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