How do I protect a NAS share? (Backing up CIFS or NFS)


How do I mount a NAS share for backup?



This article explains how a NAS share is mounted to the appliance for backup.

Storage Options

The Unitrends appliance can be configured to protect a NAS share by mounting it directly on the Unitrends appliance. Multiple NAS shares can be mounted to the appliance and backed up concurrently.

Mounting NAS Share

Steps listed below are from the NAS Backups Overview section of admin guide for adding CIFS/NFS. For NDMP assets check admin section To add a NAS NDMP asset
  1. Select Configure > Protected Assets.
  2. Click Add > NAS.
  3. Enter the NAS Name. The name cannot contain spaces.
  4. Select the Appliance that will protect this asset.
  5. Enter the NAS IP address or resolvable hostname.
  6. Select the CIFS or NFS protocol.
  7. The Port field contains the default for the protocol selected. If the protocol uses a custom port, enter that port number.
  8. Enter the full directory pathname of the NAS share in the Share Name field. Do not use leading or ending slashes.
  9. Example pathname: parentShare/subDirectory1/subDirectory2.
  • If the NAS share is configured for authentication, provide the credentials in the Username and Password fields. Type in the password again for verification in the Verify Password field. If domain credentials are being used enter the user name as If authentication is not used, these fields are optional. 

These steps need be repeated for each NAS share.


If you cannot add the a NFS share, check the path to the mount and omit the leading slash like this:


More Information

After configuring the NAS share to be mounted to the appliance, a client with the name of the share is created and can be used in backup schedules. Please refer to the Unitrends Appliance and Agents User Manual for additional information.  


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