NDMP Exclusion Lists



To provide instructions for specifying exclusions from NDMP backups.


Note: Vendor support for exclusions varies.

Exclusion lists for NDMP are created at the volume level for an NDMP client. Once created, the exclusion list will be applied to all future backups of that volume.

To specify exclusions for backups of an NDMP volume:

  1. Read your vendor’s documentation prior to continuing with these procedures.
  2. Using a terminal emulator, such as PuTTY, connect to the Unitrends appliance.
  3. Open the file usr/bp/bpinit/master.ini in a text editor.
  4. Go to the NDMP section of the master.ini file.
  5. On a new line below the NDMP section, type [NDMP-Exclude-<client name>]. The client name entered must match the name entered in the Computer Name field on the Settings > Clients, Networking, and Notifications > Clients > Add Client screen when the NDMP client was added.
  6. On a new line directly below the NDMP Exclude header created in step 5, specify the individual file names or, if supported by the vendor, use wildcards to specify file types.

    Start the line with the volume to which the exclusions should be applied followed by an equals sign, and then list the filenames or file types to exclude, separated by commas. Use the following format: <volume path>=<file1>,<*.mp3>

    Example: To create an exclusion list for a volume named /vol/engineering and exclude an individual .txt file as well as all .mp3 and .wav files, enter the following: /vol/engineering=test.txt,*.mp3,*.wav

     Note about vendor limitations: Wildcards are supported for some devices from the certified vendors. If the vendor supports wildcards in exclusion lists, they can be used. Additionally, the number of items that can be specified within a volume’s exclude list varies by vendor. See your vendor’s documentation for more information.
  7. Repeat step 6, on a new line, for each additional volume on the NDMP NAS client for which you want to specify excludes.
  8. (Optional) If you have more than one NDMP NAS client, repeat step1 and steps 5-7 for each client.
  9. Save your changes and exit the text editor.
 For more information about protecting NDMP clients, see NAS Protection using NDMP in the Unitrends Recovery Series and UEB Administrator's Guide.

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