Error: A problem occurred accessing the database during authentication


Unable to login to the system even when the correct credentials are used.


Username and/or password are not recognized.

The following error is reported when attempting to log in:  A problem occurred accessing the database during authentication


Warning: Serious problems may occur if these commands are executed incorrectly. These problems may require redeployment of the appliance, result in a loss of data, and/or cause system downtime. Unitrends cannot guarantee these problems can be solved and customers should proceed at their own risk.

Use the following troubleshooting steps to resolve this error.
  1. Confirm the login credentials being used are correct. It is recommended to first try resetting the password.  For details see: Resetting the Web Interface User Account Password.
  2. Apache may not be running.  Connect to the appliance via SSH and run the following command to restart Apache:
    service httpd restart
  3. The Unitrends DataBase is not running.  Type bpmenu -c, if the database is down it will tell you, if it is running you will be directed to the DPU - Bare Metal screen.  If it is down run the command /etc/init.d/bp_rcscript start​ to start the Unitrends DataBase.  If the database does not start within a couple minutes follow step 3b.
    1. Check df -h.  If / is 100%, please contact support
    2. Navigate to cd /backups/UnitrendsDataBase/pg_log/
    3.  Type ls -larth this will list the database logs with the most recent log at the bottom.
    4.  Type "cat logfilename* | grep Recovery"
    5.  If there is any output then the database is in recovery mode and you need to contact Unitrends support.
  4. Permissions or ownership on the Unitrends DataBase directory are incorrect.
    1. Stop the Unitrends DataBase by running the command /etc/init.d/bp_rcscript stop
    2. Run the commands to correctly set the directories permissions:
      chmod 700 /usr/bp/data
      chown -h postgres:postgres /usr/bp/data
    3. Start the Unitrends DataBase and the tasker by running the command /etc/init.d/bp_rcscript start​
  5. Check the permissions on the system’s hosts file.
    1. Run the command ls -al /etc/hosts.
    2. If your permissions do not match ‘-rw-r--r-- 2 root root’, then run the command chmod 644 /etc/hosts.
  6. Validate the contents of /usr/bp/data/pg_service.conf
    1. Open pg_service.conf in an editor:
      vi /usr/bp/data/pg_service.conf
    2. At a minimum, the file should contain the following lines (more entries may be present):
    3. If the entries above are missing, add them and save the file.
    4. Restart the database using the following commands:
      /etc/init.d/bp_rcscript stop
      /etc/init.d/bp_rcscript start

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