User interface has been temporarily disabled, unable to log in


Steps to restore access to the user interface when a failed update or hung process temporarily disables it.


  • Unable to log in to the user interface (UI).
  • The following error is displayed: "Summary: Your username and/or password were not recognized. Detail: [System] Access to the user interface has been temporarily disabled by a process on the System. This is usually performed in order to ensure a that a consistent state is maintained on the system. If this state persists for several minutes or more, please contact Unitrends Support."


  1. Verify /usr/bp/lists.dir/.disable_rrc does not exist.
    ls -la /usr/bp/lists.dir/.disable_rrc
  2. If the file does exist, remove it: 
    rm /usr/bp/lists.dir/.disable_rrc
  3. If the file does not exist, reference: Unable to log in or "/" is 100% full when using VMware (vmware-root issue)
  4. Verify access to the UI has been restored.
  5. It is recommended to reboot the appliance to ensure proper release of lock files and initiation of all processes.


This may be caused by a failed update or configuration settings that were not fully initiated.

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