Unitrends Bare Metal agent fails to install in Windows XP or 2003


Error: "Installation has detected some errors on the Windows system and we cannot proceed with the installation at this point. Please check the post `Windows Installation aborts after detecting system errors` under the `Installation, Upgrades and Licensing` section in the Unitrends forum - http://www.unitrends.com/forum/forum.php for more information."


When trying to install the bare metal agent, the following error message occurs:

User-added image



  1. The Unitrends Bare Metal agent can be installed to a different asset running the same Operating System and Bare Metal media can be created from an alternate asset.  For Windows 2003 servers, the Bare Metal agent may be installed on a Windows XP asset and the Bare Metal media for the Windows 2003 server may be created from the Windows XP asset. 
  2. Alternatively, use msiexec to create a log containing a more detailed error message by following Installation: Troubleshooting MSI installer with msiexec.


Common problems include incompatible versions of .NET, security permissions accessing IIS, pending updates requiring a reboot to complete or insufficient free space to perform the install. 

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