Installation Onboarding Racking and Connecting Physical Appliances

This article continues the process of Unitrends Physical Appliance Deployment.  If you have not already reviewed the prior article in this series Installation Onboarding Preparation, please review that article first.  

Before you unbox your new appliance, the following video and supplementary links may be helpful:


Racking and Cabling Your Appliance Video: 

Helpful Documents for Physical Installation:

Quick Start Guide for Recovery Series

Site Preparation Guide for Generation 9 Appliances

Site Preparation Guide for Generation 8 Appliances

Rack Instructions for Generation 9 Appliances

Rack Instructions for Generation 8 1U

Rack Instructions for Generation 8 2U

Information About 3rd Party Optional Rail Systems

Information About Intel SFP+ Module and Cable Options

What Firewall Ports should be allowed from the Unitrends appliance through my firewall?

Issue a clean shutdown from an APC UPS



1st Time Boot Configuration



When you have followed the instructions in these videos and can log into your appliance please STOP your installation at this point if any of the following are true:

  • You have Sure Installation Services arranged through Unitrends Onboarding
  • Your new appliance is a replacement and is being reconnected to an existing Unitrends Cloud contract

Otherwise, congratulations!, 


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