Adding Box

To add the Box application to your Passly tenant launchpad please follow these steps.

Configuring your Passly tenant

Log into your Passly tenant 

  1. Select SSO Manager.
  2. Select the Blue plus sign in the bottom right corner.

  3. Select BOX.

  4. Select Application is Enabled.

    Choose the desired Authentication Policy.
  5. Select Add Application.
  6. Select Protocol Setup.
  7. Select View Federation MetaData.
    Note: This will open a new Tab in the browser.
    Save this page as FederationMetadata.xml
    Save the file to somewhere on your local hard drive as it will be required later.  


Box Configuration

  1. Go to, sign in and Submit an SSO Case:

  2. Fill in the form.
    2a. In the "Who is your Identity Provider?" choose "Other with Metadata"

    2b. Click "Choose File" and choose the FederationMetadata.xml file you downloaded.
    2c. In the "SAML Attribute: User's email:" type "SAML_SUBJECT", "emailaddress"

    2d. Click the Submit button.

  3.  Wait until you hear back from Box support that your SSO Case has been approved and test your application.

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