How do I restore OneDrive for Business data?

To restore your backed up OneDrive for Business data, please follow the steps below:

1. Log into your Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 account.
2. Select the user account that you want to restore data from.
3. Click the icon and select View Backups.


4. Click the OneDrive tab and select the files or folders that you want to restore from any point-in-time backup. Select Restore from the Select Action list.

6. Administrators can choose to perform a cross-user restore. Determine whether you would like the selected data to be restored into the same user's account or into a different user's account within the same tenant. Users can only restore to their own account.

7. If you selected to restore to a different user, select which user to restore to. Click Next.

8. Confirm the restore.

9. Once the restore action has completed, all of your selected data is restored into a newly created folder in the desired user's active Microsoft 365 OneDrive account, titled 'Restored on (date)'. When the restore has completed, you also receive a notification via email. 

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