BitDefender Module Not Loading - Ooops... Looks like something went wrong.


I just installed the TAP BitDefender module, but it does not show or render anything. 



Resolution #1:

The following IP addresses must have inbound and outbound connectivity enabled with the VSA server on port 443, with port forwarding rules on the firewall to direct all inbound port 443 requests from any of these IP's to the VSA web server:

  • Frontend:,,,,
  • Backend:,,,
  • Additionally - This URL must be allowed from the Network you access the VSA from

This is a complete list of all the IP addresses that are needed to be whitelisted to ensure communication between the VSA and the Bitdefender Plugin. 


Resolution #2 (for On-Premise customers only):

Please make sure that you have a server URL address set up under System > Server Management > Configure. We will not be able to authenticate if you are using an IP Address.

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